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We are the planet's #1 source for unmanned Aerial Cinematography using the industry leading Freefly Systems MOVI M10/MR camera stabilization on super heavy lift copters.  The Movi is the gold standard in brushless stabilization as professionals all know. Our custom Helicam aerial video systems provide close-range, low-altitude UHD Aerial Video, Drone Aerial Cinematography and Drone Aerial Photography that's fast, safe and easy to afford. We fill the gap between ground level imaging and traditional aerial video and photography that is often too high to provide adequate image detail, optimum composition and eye catching, dynamic camera movements that viewers have come to expect today in digital media and advertizing.

Hollywood production companies are often pleasantly surprised to find a professional, world-class helicopter filming company providing Aerial Video in Dayton Ohio. We also hold the distinction of being the world's first drone aerial video company to fly the Red Epic in a feature film. You won't find a US based close range drone aerial video company with more experience (10 years) and capability (8 rotorcraft) flying 6K digital cinema cameras such as the Red Epic Dragon and Scarlet for feature film-making. FREEFLY SYSTEMS MOVI M10/MR NOW AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL WITH RED EPIC DRAGON/SCARLET or others.
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Perfect Perspectives' Lead Pilot has over three decades of experience flying RC aircraft across several continents, including winning a World Championship for Team USA. We are at home either flying over a priceless collection of historic vintage Indy 500 race cars, or on a big budget movie set. This experience, combined with a perfect safety record, means you can rest assured that we will get the aerial cinematography and UHD footage you are after. We won't show up and deliver excuses, like other so-called professional drone start-ups, but rather deliver some of the best close range aerial filming on the planet. All without ANY post stabilization required! GUARANTEED!!!!!

Our specialized RC helicopter filming service has been provided for numerous feature films, music videos, prime time TV programming, television commercials, advertising, documentaries, college campuses and universities, golf resorts, action sports, construction progress, engineering, elevated architectural imaging and much more.

The amazing Freefly Systems MOVI M10/MR is now available for rent on land, sea and air.
We guarantee zero post stabilization required on Red Epic Dragon or any cameras we fly

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